Book Design with Collateral
"Wounded Workers, Tales from a Working Man's Shrink" by Dr. Bob Larsen, Working Man's Press. Published March 2021.
Book Design
"GOD IS", the first book in "The God Trilogy", a spiritual trilogy, by Rev. Phil Strom, Church of the One God, revised edition published September 2019, first edition published December 2016.
Book Design
"GOD REALIZATION" the second book in "The God Trilogy" by Rev. Phil Strom, to be published fall 2021.
Book Cover & Bookmark Design
Re-branding of a classic book with an included bookmark exclusive to Barnes & Noble.
eBook Design
eBook design for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden using my own photography from prior trips to the garden.
Website Design
Website for Church of the One God created in Adobe Muse. As Muse is no longer supported by Adobe, I will be recreating this website using WordPress.
Wedding Ensemble Design
Designed a complete wedding ensemble from wedding invitation set to signs and favor tags.
Packaging & Brand Design
Packaging and brand design of a fictional craft brewery in New York City called 5 Borough Brewery. Each beer style started with the same first letter of the name of the borough. Created in 2013 as a college project, prior to Five Boroughs Brewing Co.'s creation in 2017.
Calendar Design
2021-2022 13-month calendar featuring the women of NYC's DOT (Department of Transportation) beginning and ending in March for Women's History Month.
Holiday Card Design
Typographical holiday card mailed to family, friends and colleagues.
Magazine Design
Print and digital magazine design for a fictional publication focusing on city life and featuring celebrities, with Millennials as their target audience.
Brand Design
A fictional bar that I created that focuses on American Craft Beer and gives patrons a space in which they can work on their craft projects in a social setting while enjoying beer with other beer and craft lovers.
Infographics Design
Designed a museum exhibit concept including logo, text panels, reader rail, and vinyl lettering at actual size. Created a scale diorama of the exhibit for presentation which was chosen for long-term display in the department's showcase.
Brand Design
Client based project for a Haitian restaurant. Client provided the restaurant name, menu items and pricing and direction on the logo and menu.
Advertising Campaign
Advertising poster and souvenir merchandise.
Advertising Campaign
Advertising campaign with a target audience of children between 5 and 12 years old to get them interested in exploring the art and culture of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Advertising Campaign
Advertising campaign and branding of a fictitious underwater hotel and resort including logo design.
Brochure Design
Brochure to promote the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, NY using my photography.
Brochure Design
Brochure for Easy Living Shelter to help them promote their organization.
Record Album Design
A project featuring the many concerts I've attended over the years as well as other plays and shows. Created as a vinyl record album as most of the shows listed are from live music concerts.
Postcard Design
Advertising postcard for Women's Press Collective's International Women's Day Celebration.
Postcard Design
Postcard design for The City Reliquary Museum in New York City using my photography.
Logo Design
Through a contact I was informed that the founder of Beeyu Fashion would hold a competition for a new logo for her company. My design came in second.
Logo Design
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